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NodziGames is an innovative Game Development Studio that has been in the business of making unique video games since 2015. Located in South Africa since our founding, we've been hard at work bringing new concepts to life. We're not afraid to experiment, and that's what sets our games apart from the rest.


Fleeting Reign Update #3

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Fleeting Reign

One of our most recent PC titles in the works, Fleeting Reign is a hardcore top down roguelike with a twist. Upon dethroning the boss, your character takes the throne, and on the next run you'll have to face your former self. The fight changes based on the build and loadout of your previous character, which means that apart from each level being different, the boss fight will be too! No two runs will ever be the same, guaranteed!


Our most recent release on PC puts you in the shoes of a black-hat hacker. Breach the security systems of some of the most renowned companies in the world, and sell their data on the Deep Web. With a large focus on both skill and progression, SEGFAULT is a title not to be missed!


Though it's one of our older products, it's . Welcome to GAL-X-E, a geometery wars inspired shooter that will have your heart racing. Get hit once, and it's game over. Do you have what it takes to reach the highscore and unlock all the spaceships?

Sometimes: Success Requires Sacrifice

Our first ever commercial release, and our Studio's launch title, Sometimes is a game with a much deeper meaning behind it. Sacrifice yourself to light the path for the generation to follow.



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